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If you are looking to add a garage to your Oneida property or repair an existing one, the contractors at Able Construction are here to serve you. Boasting unrivaled expertise, our garage builders make sure to leave you with an eye-catching, sturdy, and customized garage.

Expand, repair, and construct with the help of our builders—and all for a great rate, too. Call us at (315) 807-2176 to learn more about our garage services.

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What Size Garage Do You Need?

You know you need a garage on your property, but you might not be sure what size garage you should invest in. In addition to the number and size of vehicles, you'll also want to consider if you need extra space for storage, tools, or a workshop. You’ll also want to consider if you need extra space for storage, tools, or a workshop. These considerations can boost the potential square-footage of your space significantly—but it is always worth it.

A one-car garage is typically around 12x20 feet, while a two-car garage is usually 20x20 to 24x20 feet. For three or more cars, the garage size can range from 30x20 to 40x20 feet. Larger vehicles like full-size cars, SUVs, and trucks require a deeper garage, around 20-30 feet.

Should You Invest in a Garage Expansion?

Our garage builders would be more than happy to expand upon your existing garage. A larger garage promises a great return on investment, to say nothing of the extra space you’ll have.

When expanding the size of a garage, the additional weight and load on the foundation needs to be properly accounted for. Simply building on top of a compromised foundation is not advisable. Our garage building contractors might recommend upgrading the foundation in the interest of safety and longevity.

Able Construction’s Garage Services

Whether you’re dealing with an unsightly garage roof, need someone to build a new garage, or you’re looking to expand on an existing car garage, our garage construction and repair services are here for you.

Some of what we offer includes:

  • Garage door maintenance and replacement
  • Garage repairs
  • Garage size expansion
  • Garage construction
  • Siding repair
  • Flooring repair
  • …and more

Should Your Garage Have Windows?

Our garage builders believe that there are many advantages to adding windows to your garage plans or your existing garage. If the garage is primarily used for storage or as a workshop, the benefits of natural light and ventilation may outweigh any privacy and security concerns. The natural light will help ward off dampness and make it an ideal workspace.

That said, if security and privacy are the top priorities, it may be better to forgo windows or install small, high-placed windows that don't allow easy viewing inside. If you don’t invest in windows, we might suggest at least one vent to ensure fumes do not contaminate the air.

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Request our garage building services when you want a secure and sturdy space for working, vehicle storage, and more. We’ll make sure your garage is up to code and ready for anything. Call (315) 807-2176 today to learn more.